I left the academic world in the middle of a Ph.D. program in Italian and Renaissance Literature, in 1974, because I wanted to pursue an interest in photography. That decision carried me and my photography into varied and interesting corners of the world.

I worked as a photographer in Port Townsend, Washington, from 1980, to 1999, when I relocated to Durango, Colorado.  My career has been spent photographing people and the things they do in their communities.  That has meant working with businesses to bring their products to market, and it has meant photographing the milestone events in peoples’ lives.

One of my projects, a study of 100 centenarians from around the United States and Canada, resulted in the 1990 publication of a book, One Hundred over 100, produced in conjunction with writer Jim Heynen.  

I taught regularly scheduled workshops in digital photography through the Open Shutter Gallery in Durango, and the Continuing Education program at Fort Lewis College. Both of those venues have now passed into the world of pleasant memories. I now teach classes in photography and Italian language through the new community school, Durango Learns. And I have recently opened a studio in Mancos, Colorado, sharing a space with Veryl Goodnight on Grand Avenue, where I do photography and teaching.


I will continue to lead photographic, cultural, and language tours to Italy. Helping people realize their own vision through photography remains one of my major interests.

Not exactly a straight line journey.